For your VIP groups, we can make:

-Reservation of unusual, charming and fancy accommodations.
-Rental of cars and limousines with chauffeur
-Organization of special visits: private visits to the little-known artisans, museums and the artistic, historical or modern neighborhoods.
-Professional tailored guides according to your request and wishes.
-Exclusive access to private fantastic places.
-Our excellent relationships in France and Europe facilitate the access to castles, mansions and outstanding art’s collections.
-Rental of yachts, jets.
-Luxury Cruises.
-Rental of exclusive chalets.
-Prestigious Helicopter Tours in Burgundy and Bordeaux.
-Wine tasting with leading sommeliers.
-Cooking demonstrations and private dinners with celebrity chefs.
-Stays in the most fabulous Spa.
-Wedding and Honeymoon trips with the best French photographers and designers.
-Private shopping sessions, including special discounts on luxury goods or designers
-We also offer sports activities, such as hiking, biking, ballooning, skiing trips, rounds of golf and fishing.